We are a smart home technology company out of California making the newest and greatest smart home technology automation for your every day use.

Our focus is to fill the gap in the missing technology in your home & everyday living habitat in order to empower you to do more, thus our focus, is how to bring more  “comfort” and “safety” to your everyday life where people spend the majority of their time.  Our software rule based Smart Home eco-system with our new patented Germicidal Modular Smart system for switching between visible light and optical disinfection will address the current global sanitization needs and give people back their peace of mind.  Our patented low voltage lighting solutions are meant to significantly lower the cost of lighting & sanitization of people’s home, while bringing the best IoT technology with NEW* features to enhance the end user’s daily life.


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1875 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 2400

Campbell, CA 95008

Our Goal

Our goal is simply to serve our community by making everyone live safer and more comfortable. Making your home smart will accomplish both of our goals.

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Henry Chu joins the Board of Directors